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"...typically elusive, WitchCraft only played me one track from their own album;  low-slung, forceful, atmospheric beats and dope rhymes."
               - Richard The IIIrd - MIO
Witchcraft is a hip-hop outfit consisting of two core members - Shorty Skilz and Kanif - and a third, performer/ producer/elusive presence, the Invisible Man.  The crew is based in Yeoville and has been performing around SA since 2005. Their live shows are an esoteric hip-hop experience best known for leaving audiences in a deep meditation...  Witchcraft's trademark narcotic slow rhythms and rich textures, combined with deeply insightful lyrics, have placed Kanif and Shorty amongst the most prolific emcees in South Africa.
 Shorty Skilz first appeared on  the hip-hop compilation  "Muthaload"  in 1996, after teaming up with Loko, Amu and Dj Blaze to form the original Township Frequency.
He has since been honing his craft  and working  at Iapetus, as well as performing, sharing the stage with fellow label Iapetus label mates as well as over the years performing with international acts such as Black Thought, Dead Prez, Jeru the Damaja and Copywrite.
On the other end of the light spectrum we have Kanif... Initially introduced to the scene as part of renowned crew "Electron" alongside Bravestar and Alkabulan, he has since gone on to become one of SA's most sought after HipHop producers.
As well as single-handedly producing Hymphatic Thabs critically acclaimed third offering "Age of Horus, Kanif  produced Bravestarr's album "Toy City", Robo's  "Robo the Technician" as well as Yugen Blakrok's "Return of the Astro-Goth"
He has also worked with an array of artists such as Gin-I Grindith, MXO, Simphiwe Dana, Copywrite, Jonzi D, Mpumi Mcata ( of Blk Jks ) Herbie Tsoalie, Ben Sharpa and BMP amongst others.
By 2005 both mcs were seeking an alternative to the more mainstream scene that was taking place.  They started writing together and by 2007 had formed Witchcraft.
Their forthcoming and highly anticipated debut album is a mix of slow breakbeats, moody atmospheres and lyrical content ranging from Nicholas Tesla to nightime  Yeoville  streetlife.
It offers if nothing more, a mature perspective on the conditions of life in SA, on Earth, and beyond the radiation belt.
Over the years witchcraft has developed a loyal following of fans who appreciate tight lyrical content and a slightly darker low - fi approach to hip-hop... Look out for their dubut album coming soon.



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